More than 50% of the exhibitors 
already confirmed their participation in the next edition of

Cremona Musica



Following the great success of Cremona Musica International Exhibitions 2016, more than 50% of the Exhibitors already confirmed their participation for next year.

·         289 exhibitors from 28 countries

·         46% of the Exhibitors coming from abroad

·         120 events such as seminars, masterclasses, exhibitions and presentations over 3 days

·         more than 300 artists involved

·         16.815 visitors from 55 Countries (+10% vs 2015)

Figures do confirm that Cremona Musica is bucking the general trend and is an important catalyst for the international community of high-quality musical instruments, being the ideal place for musicians, buyers and dealers to develop new business opportunities.



The historically famous exhibition area for stringed instruments has been enriched and supported by the growing participation of the music publishing sector (with a total of 13 companies). The section dedicated to acoustic, classical and contemporary guitars has made a great leap forward both in terms of quantity and quality, with the participation of the major international brands (Eko/Martin, Taylor, Collings, Larrivée, Lowden, Guild, Fender, Salvador Cortez, Mayson etc) and of talented instrument makers. A rich events programme has accompanied and positively characterized the Exhibition combining entertainment and professionalism. 2016 edition was also characterized by an important novelty: the introduction of an area for flutes, saxophones and clarinets enriched by dedicated events (for a total of 21), such as performances and masterclasses with brilliant international musicians. Piano Experience, despite the difficult market situation, displayed a high-quality exhibition repertoire thanks to the participation of some of the most important companies of the sector who strongly believe in the importance of the Exhibition and in its future development.


Also the survey carried out among visitors confirms the success of last edition:

·         The Exhibition registered a good number of regular visitors (56%) but also a high number of new visitors (44%) that make it even more interesting

·         The audience mainly consists of musicians: 65% of visitors are professional, amateur or enthusiastic musicians, students, music schools representatives and teachers

·         87% of the interviewed visitors assessed the Exhibition as “excellent” or “good”, thus showing a very positive general opinion about it. 

·         The Exhibition is commercially effective: 74% of visitors found the products they were looking for and 85% of them have already planned to come back next year

Cremona Musica is worldwide renowned: its visitors come from all 5 Continents. This year, international visitors amounted to 21% of total visitors. Such positive results have been achieved also thanks to the intense promotional program carried out all the year long that attracted to Cremona both professional musicians and international dealers, but also a wider audience of music students and amateurs.

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